Since 2015, we have the vision that playing games can create memorable moments and instantly allow people to bond with each other. We also firmly believe these games can become a powerful tool for a brand that wants to interact with a consumer. We are a team of passionate people driven by the fostering of emotions.

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Here is the section containing our indoor games rental options.
We provide installation, delivery and facilitation / entertainment services to let you enjoy the celebration!

Inventory – Indoor games rental

Indoor games rental for adults and children

We are frequently questioned about the suitability of our games for interior installation and whether all the components can fit through a single door. Well, we gave everything some thought! The majority of the time, we install mats or turfs to protect the floor during our indoor games rental activities instead of anchoring. If in doubt, plan a call with us to confirm the access and size of the venue (if it is on the 8th floor for example).

Our coordinator and staff will be able to determine the assembly time required to get to the desired location. We also think it’s super cool to hold an activity at the top of the CN tower but we need to plan that! Our indoor games rental service includes this pre-event call. In just a few questions we will estimate that and suggest a great package of games for your event. You can return to the full catalogue here.

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On rentals from Oct 2 to Nov 17

On rentals from
Oct 2 to Nov 17

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