Since 2015, we have the vision that playing games can create memorable moments and instantly allow people to bond with each other. We also firmly believe these games can become a powerful tool for a brand that wants to interact with a consumer. We are a team of passionate people driven by the fostering of emotions.

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Who wouldn’t want to link fun with their brand?!
We can provide tons of brand activation ideas through our games. We will elevate your next marketing campain. Giant games will spark your consumers’ smile and differentiate you from the competition! You will save a ton of money while reducing your environmental imprint: RENTING IS SAVING.

Brand activation ideas: GAMES!

Higher brand visibility

Strategic communication

Fun way to deliver key messages

Bring a positive experience around your brand.

Our team is dedicated to the success of your field marketing activations.

We are a team of individuals driven by sports and games, and our commitment is to share that passion with our clients and users. We always thrive to reach excellence and we measure it with tangible data collects and unique content creation.

We operate everywhere in Ontario from our headquarters in Montreal and Ottawa. Our team will show up on time and deliver, whatever needs to be done. 

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Custom brand activation ideas?
We can also help.

At Spiniko, there is a constant attempt to innovate in terms of brand activation ideas. Let’s reach your goals together, they can come to reality. Our experienced team will use all the knowledge and resources we have to make campain a success.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about custom-built games for marketing campaigns. Our favourite activity is to brainstorm interactive marketing ideas!

Our inventory offers numerous brand activation options. We’ll improve your upcoming marketing campaign. Giant games make heads turn. You will not regret it!

  • Our custom making built skills are available upon demand, depending on our production and the time of the year.
  • Must expect 3 to 8 weeks delivery
  • 3D plan upon request
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Adding game mechanics will increase participation


On rentals from Oct 2 to Nov 17

On rentals from
Oct 2 to Nov 17

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